LeanDragons Kids Fit Camp


LeanDragons is the first-ever classes offered for youth age 5 through 19 in Garretson, South Dakota through the LeanBody Bootcamp System.

With LeanDragons, your child will learn fundamental skills in

  • movement,
  • coordination,
  • balance,
  • strength, and
  • speed

that will carry them through childhood and into a successful, movement-oriented adulthood.

By doing this, they will increase their chances for preventing obesity and improve their sports-related performance substantially.

Why Kids Fit Camp?

Most young children LOVE to move. A child who LOVES to move will do it on their own.  However, in today’s society, we have a sit-down culture: sit down to surf the internet, sit down to play video games, sit down to watch television, sit down and pay attention to the teacher- the list is endless.  Unfortunately, this means obesity is on the rise, and not just for adults: our youth have seen an increase that DOUBLES the number of overweight children in just the past twenty years.  Obesity decreases a child’s quality of life.  Whether it’s the missed opportunity of playing with peers, the bullying that occurs, or the potential that is drained from a bright future- taking any of these things from our children means their entire life is colored by the pattern of obesity.

As a child, we are meant to discover and learn about the world through play.  Active play, imaginative play, and social play teaches more resources to a child than we’ll truly ever know about.

This means, that to turn the obesity epidemic around there’s one simple solution: learn the art of play through movement, and the pattern of obesity can be reduced.

For some children, they need to learn a few fundamental movements first:

  • Balance (a child who cannot keep their balance will have a hard time running on an unstable surface, like the beach)
  • Coordination (a child who does not have good coordination will have a hard time jumping rope or catching a ball)
  • Strength (a child who cannot run easily up stairs or finish the monkey bars is not likely to use the playground equipment)
  • Speed (a child who consistently gets caught in “tag” and is unable to catch their peers is unlikely to keep playing)

Once those things are taught, a few other skills fall into place, and sports performance improves.  Whether that sport is just running around playing Kick the Can or Soccer, your child will have the skill and ability to enjoy that sport, rather than avoid it.

What is Kids FitCamp?

This 4-week camp, with 1-hour classes up to 3 times per week, will allow your child to learn these movements in a fun, playful, structured environment.  Each class will be limited to 10 children, so your child will receive personal attention toward their goals.  Your child will also be with others in his or her age group, so that a 5 year old is not expected to keep up with a 12 year old.  Your child will be in the care of a certified Personal Trainer with over 4 years of experience, whose Master’s Degree was geared toward working with children in the prevention of obesity.  Each class will contain a 30 minute workout geared toward your child’s age and ability level, as well as some real time for unstructured play (i.e. tag) and some nutrition information.

Parents are encouraged to join the LeanBody Bootcamp system to provide needed support to your child through the camp, and all children registered with LeanDragons will be able to join their parents in bootcamp classes at no extra cost if they wish.

Age Structure

All classes are structured by age to prevent a teaching gap between older and younger youth. Please base your child’s age on what grade they will be entering in the Fall of 2011.

Green Dragons: Kindergarten through 3rd Grade (age 5-9)

Red Dragons: 4th through 6th Grade (age 9-12)

Blue Dragons: 7th through 12th Grade (age 12-19)*

*High School youth wishing to join a sports-specific fitness camp are advised to join The Exercise Place’s 8-week sports clinic held every summer with Tim Nelson, owner of The Exercise Place.  Blue Dragons will be formatted more similarly to a Bootcamp-style workout, with a focus on the above characteristics.


LeanDragons Kids FitCamp will be held June 13 through July 8 (one 4-week session), except for July 4. We will be meeting at the Garretson football field.  Classes will be held as follows:

Green Dragons: Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30 am

Red Dragons: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11:30 am

Blue Dragons: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30 am

Monday Wednesday Friday
9:30 am Blue Dragons (7th – 12th Grade) Blue Dragons Blue Dragons
10:30 am Green Dragons (K – 3rd Grade) Green Dragons
11:30 am Red Dragons (4th – 6th Grade) Red Dragons Red Dragons


Please keep in mind with this pricing that you are paying for your child’s future, to keep their potential as bright in their 20’s as it is today.  If you can stop the cycle of obesity before it starts, or halt it in its tracks now, you will be providing your child with something much more than price can EVER compensate for.  What is your child’s bright future worth to you?

Pricing for LeanDragons takes into account the fact that you may have more than one child.  For all families, the oldest child will be full price, and subsequent children will receive a 10% discount (max family cost $250). Children who have a parent in the LeanBody Bootcamp system will all receive 10% off.  A $50 deposit* is required to hold your children’s places.

Blue or Red Dragon $150 a child
Green Dragon $100 a child

Terms and Conditions

*Registration is dependent on session availability. Confirmation of registration may be done through email, over the phone, or in person. If class size limits prevent your registration, all money will be refunded to you. Please use the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn how to create an account for yourself and your child(ren) prior to registration.

Payment is required prior to beginning LeanDragons Kids FitCamp. Taxes do apply and will be reflected on your final payment. A $50 deposit per child is required to hold your children’s places.  If you need to cancel: the $50 deposit is refundable until May 1, 2011.  After that date until May 31, 2011, $25 is refundable.  For cancellations after May 31 the deposit is forfeit.

By paying through on-line pay, you agree to these terms and conditions.*