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Nutrition: Why Protein Matters, by Dr. John Berardi

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I highly suggest reading the full article, found here:

If you don’t have time (or want to get your interest peaked), here’s a great synopsis:

Why Protein Matters, by Dr. John Berardi

Muscle protein synthesis isn’t the only reason to eat more protein.  There’s satiety, the thermogenic effects, the impact on the immune system, and more (see below).

Plus, there are probably a few benefits science can’t measure yet.  I say the last part because there’s so much experiential evidence ...

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Good Reasons to Eat Protein

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Dr. John Berardi, author of Precision Nutrition and published nutrition scientist, has just released a new article that looks at the amount of protein a person should consume in each meal.  Two recent studies just showed that 20-30 grams per meal was all that was needed, regardless of the person, for muscle synthesis (muscle-building). However, Dr. Berardi puts up some good claims to refute that.  To read the full article, please Continue Reading ?