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What is compliance? Compliance means how well you stick to your eating plan.  To a point, it doesn’t matter if you’re counting calories, carbs, proteins, portion sizes, Weight Watchers, LeanBody Transformation, Atkins, or what have you.  (The true point is this: what percentage of your food consists of lean meat, fruits, veggies, and nuts/seeds (or pretty much has just come off the vine/tree, out of the ground, or had eyes- meaning unprocessed foods)?)  The plan isn’t the key: consistency is.

How well are you sticking to your eating plan?

If a person has 3 meals per day scheduled, and jots them down for 7 days, they should have taken in 21 meals total.  Of those 21 meals, having a meal that’s not “on plan” brings your compliance down to 96%.  If you have two meals that aren’t on plan (or have an extra, unplanned snack), that brings your compliance to 90%.

The people who have the best results, time after time, are those who have compliance levels of 90% or better.  They are willing to plan ahead so they have an action plan, have meals packed, and they stick to the plan no matter what.

So to have the best results (or if you haven’t been seeing the results you were hoping for), make sure you’re being consistent.  Keep track, do a regular count, and for a short period of time, stay on plan.