Ten Things Taken for Granted at LeanBody Bootcamp

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  1. The Grocery Store Tour
  2. Limited Class Sizes
  3. Personal Attention
  4. Nutrition info and Q&A time
  5. Guided Stretching
  6. Guided Warm-up & Cool-down
  7. Measurements & Photos
  8. The Forum (tons of info in there!)
  9. Outside of class workouts provided
  10. Camraderie & Support- you know the names of your fellow bootcampers

What an awesome list, huh?  This is done on purpose.  Many marketers say I should be more “upfront” about these benefits, and I should “attach a price to them.”

Why would I want to do that?

I just want to provide an awesome service, and do it as well as I can.  The goal for me is to see you attain your results.  I don’t want to “just provide a class.” While that would make everything quite a bit cheaper, would you see as much benefit from my class?  I don’t believe you would.  And if you didn’t see results, then what’s to keep you from dropping it and calling it “another failed diet?”

Here’s to success!