Mission: Possible

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One of my clients has been seeing amazing results lately.  OP has gone from 243 pounds to 220 pounds  working in a small group environment with Carrannmor Fitness since last June.  Her current goal is due next Tuesday, so the push is on for her to really buckle down and make sure all her behaviors match what she wants to see on the scale.

She knows that the scale only tells a small part of the story, and that her behaviors are what are going to make or break her.

Some of her most useful tools have been:

  • Keeping a food journal (One of the most important for her, as it helps her see how just little items creep in and cause a plateau)
  • Keeping a consistent workout schedule (3-4 times per week)
  • Focusing on fruits and vegetables
  • Eliminating junk and processed foods from her diet except for occasional splurges
  • Accountability

Now ask yourself, are you using these same tools?  If not, it’s time to start!  OP saw some great results in the beginning just by adding workouts, but once she started using all of the available tools, her results really skyrocketed.  It was amazing to watch a near-plateau around July-November turn into a 15+ pound reduction in a month and a half!

OP saw a picture of herself from this past summer and barely recognized who it was!  I’m completely excited to see her attain her goal next week, and her major goal in May!