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Oh, the Possibilities!

With this *beautiful* weather we’ve been having this week (note the tongue tightly held in cheek), a great question came across my mind.

Does location really matter to your workout?

In a sense, yes.  It does.

It should be a place where you’re comfortable, shouldn’t have to pick up a bunch of things before starting the workout, and shouldn’t “turn you off” visually.  It also helps if there’s a great support system built into it.

I’ve been dividing my workout time between a couple of gyms and my living room floor for a few years now.  Quite personally, I prefer the gym, as it provides a focused environment, and I don’t need to clear a space on my living room floor first.

The key is, are you motivated to work out in that space?

If so, then that space is perfect for you!

Sometimes, we can’t control where we work out.  If we’re snowed in, we might have no choice but to hit the living room floor.  However, that doesn’t mean we should brush off our workout entirely!  Even though I prefer the gym, I still get an amazing workout in my living room.  It’s not difficult- pair squats with pushups, and you can get a pretty rocking workout.  So please, don’t let the weather and your location completely deter you from your exercise routine!

Extra Space in a New Location

In Garretson’s bootcamp class, we’ve been dealing with space issues for quite some time now.  After some great conversations, Tim and I have been able to nail down a great new space for class.  I am happy to announce that starting next week Monday, February 7, we will begin holding class in the space shared by “Kick Butt University” behind Annie’s Coffee House!  All classes will now be at the new location. Pricing with The Exercise Place still applies- if you’re an Exercise Place member, you will save a huge chunk of dough each month (or session)!  (*Please note that while Kick Butt University has been traditionally a women’s only workout area, our classes will continue to be co-ed.)

Also, for Edgerton, Tim and I are currently in talks to acquire the room beside the large weights area.  This room will allow us to continue to expand class times without inconveniencing the other members of The Exercise Place.  Details on when this room is available will be announced at a later date!

Save the Date

Monday, February 14 marks the date for the next session.  Please plan on joining us during our “March Madness” session!

“Bring a Friend” week is February 14-19.  If you bring a friend and you both register for bootcamp, you will both get $10 off the session PLUS the $5 referral fee.  This means that if you have 3 friends register, you could get $30 off this session and $15 off the next session!

The next Edgerton Grocery Store Tour will be held Saturday, March 5.  This event is open to the public, but space is limited, so make sure you register early!  (Those who are not members of LeanBody Bootcamp will be required to pay a $15 registration fee.)  You can find this event under “Events” in the scheduler.

To your health,


Carrie A. Moritz, MS, ACSM-CPT

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