How to Survive a Weekend and Still Lose Weight

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It’s tough to keep going on your healthy eating plan on the weekend: your schedule is thrown off, everyone’s home OR you’re running all over the place, the idea of weekend is relaxation.  Put all this together, and all the wonderful work you feel you’ve done all week can pretty much get obliterated in 6 meals & 2 days (and one more night, if you start on Friday).

So, if you’re trying to attain your goal, what are you to do?  Is there no such thing as relaxing for someone who’s working toward shedding fat?

Well, as usual, it all depends on what you want, how fast you want it, and how you’re willing to look at it.

Do you want huge results, right now?
If so, then every single meal counts. Every workout counts.  Every single second where you decide to move a little, rather than be seated, counts.  It’s all these little things that add up to make one big thing.

This does not mean that you have to be completely rigid.  This can set you up for a big binge, sort of like how a bunch of debris gets caught behind a dam- when the dam finally bursts, all that debris flows through (just like all that food “flows” into your mouth!).  Instead, plan ahead.  Set a flexible schedule that can change at the last minute, but that you use as a fairly clear guideline.  Plan for at least one meal or a couple hours where you’re relaxed about what you’re eating.

The biggest thing is to look at the weekend as fun relaxation- this doesn’t mean it has to revolve around food, or laying prone on the couch for the full day!  Two of Garretson’s bootcampers had a blast this past Saturday when they went snowshoeing for a couple of hours, plus they had the added bonus of burning a huge amount of calories.  This may have made them tired, but I’ll bet they felt very relaxed afterward!

The best rules for weekend eating:

1. Plan ahead, even if it’s just a rough draft outline.  If you need to, pack a few things to eat or snack on and bring it with you.
2. Don’t get caught up in “having” to do this, or being too rigid.  It might help for you to have a meal over the weekend where you don’t have to worry about what you’re eating!
3. Have fun and find different ways to relax that don’t involve food (or alcohol).  Think outside the box!