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We Have a Winner!

Over the past three and a half months, Carrannmor Fitness|LeanBody Bootcamp has been abuzz with the transformation contest. It’s been an awesome journey! On November 28, the contest finished, and four finalists were chosen and entered into a polling contest to see who had the best transformation!

Well, the votes are in, the points are tallied, and the winner is…


Trisha has won the cash pot, along with other prizes valued at over $300.  She came out of the contest with an amazing attitude and a great transformation, having reduced her bodyfat by 5% and over 15 inches from all over her body.  You would never know she’s had 6 kids!  Congratulations, Trisha! You have served as an inspiration!

Two runners up were also decided from the points total, and they were…

Shar and Jody!

Shar and Jody each receive 20% of the cash pot and two free months of bootcamp. They each have provided extremely awesome stories, overcoming some big inner game stuff and finding out how powerful they are. Congrats, Shar and Jody!

And it was decided that an honorable mention must go out to most inspirational transformation.

I’ve had several people tell me that if people weren’t voting for this contestant, that they were evil and heartless.  That is because her story is one that could have been the story of so many of us, but she has overcome and persevered, and found out what an amazing person she is!

That honorable mention goes to…


Sylvia will receive one free 6-week session of bootcamp.  If you haven’t read Sylvia’s story yet, I highly recommend it!

I am extremely proud of each and every one of the transformation finalists, and they all deserve a hearty congratulations! All of their stories can be found at

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