The LeanBody Transformation Contest

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We all want to see the body that we know we are capable of having.  I know I do!  It’s one of the reasons why I exercise with such fervor, keep educating myself about the benefits of eating healthy foods, and teach myself to be disciplined when I would rather dive head-first into that 7-layer fudge cake!

I want to see you attain that body as well.  So, I’m giving you your chance to shine.

That’s why I’m announcing the LeanBody Transformation Contest!

With this contest, you could lose up to 40 pounds, gain healthy muscle, and learn how to eat for the body you want.  It is based on the new report I’m releasing, the “LeanBody Transformation” e-book. Does this mean you need to lose 40 pounds? No! This report is geared toward anyone who doesn’t have the body they desire and are ready to attain it.  It will be split into three Stages, with each stage lasting 28 days.  The first stage is likely to be the most difficult for you, but I know you can do it when you set your mind to it!  This report will be split into three Stages, with each stage lasting 28 days.  The first stage is likely to be the most difficult for you, but I know you can do it when you set your mind to it!

Here’s the lowdown:  I am planning to have this book be a great guide for all current and future clients on how to get the body they want as quickly as they want.  In order to do that, I am going to need some great testimonials from people who have done the program.  I also know, though, that people aren’t usually motivated to go after something with fervor (as in moving heaven, hell, and the in-between to accomplish it) unless money is on the line.

So, this contest will be driven by a cash pot, in which the winner and two runner ups will receive the pot.  The more people who join the contest, the bigger the pot of gold.  And the amount of weight you lose on the scale isn’t the biggest factor in how I’ll choose the winner, either (in fact, your “scale weight” isn’t even going to be part of the decision).

To sweeten the deal, here is what I’m going to offer ALL of my contest participants: if you sign up at least two people for the contest, give the contest your all, and commit to writing a testimonial, after the contest is completed I will give you ONE 6-WEEK SESSION OF BOOTCAMP FREE.

This means that if you win, you could receive almost a half year of bootcamp for literally no cost.

And if you’re not in the immediate service area, I will provide you with 3 months’ worth of high-quality bootcamp-style workouts, complete with audio files that contain music and vocal cues.

I’m probably crazy for offering you so much just to get you to attain the body you desire, but that’s why I’m here!  This contest isn’t for me.  The bootcamp classes and personal training aren’t for me.  It’s all for YOU.  That’s why I’m doing this!

You can get all the details about the contest, the specifics, the referral deal, and request your copy of the LeanBody Transformation e-book by clicking here:

That’s also the place you should send others who want to participate!

Ask them to join you on this awesome journey, and you can do it together! Social support is one of the biggest and most important factors in success.  The address to send people to is  If you need to shorten that (for Twitter or Facebook), you can use

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